Efficient Traction and More Control

The patented 3VO suspension system offers a rare balance of sensitivity and efficiency, but you won't need to think about that on the trail. On the trail, what you'll feel is trust and confidence. Climbing is easier, cornering is intuitive, and descending causes giant, evil grins.

The original 3VO system combined an ability to react instantly to even the smallest impacts with downright ridiculous pedaling efficiency. Even editors used to typing "did not reach for the lockout lever" were surprised by the way 3VO bikes could climb. Built for balance and independence from both pedaling and braking, 3VO also minimizes dive during braking without compromising traction and sensitivity. Smooth curves across both anti-squat to anti-rise make for a predictable ride that just inspires confidence.

Through the dark magic of caffeine and countless hours, the new version of 3VO found on the Psalm 150 is simpler, lighter, even more sensitive and efficient, and now offers a very progressive leverage ratio that works great with both coil springs and air shocks. A great suspension system is all about confidence, because a bike that does exactly what you expect lets you ride better than you ever realized you could.

  • - Progressive leverage ratio offers small bump sensitivity and handles big hits without bottoming


    - Outstanding pedal response with no bob in any gear combination, regardless of suspension tune


    - Smooth anti-squat and anti-rise curves for predictable control at every stage of travel


    - Near 100% anti-rise maintains stable geometry during braking without compromising sensitivity and traction


    - Simple, durable, and easily serviceable design with 15mm pivot axles and readily available bearing sizes


    - Mid-range support for cornering control and responsiveness


    - Compatible with both coil and air shocks


     - Rearward axle path through first 55mm of travel offers impact absorption with minimal pedal kickback


    - Low 3.1 starting leverage ratio for lower shock pressure

Show Me the Numbers

Here are the numbers behind the 3VO system. I know everybody has acronyms and charts, and a lot of times these are easy to manipulate. I calculate based on a center of gravity point 1150mm above the ground, and my anti-squat data is based on a 32t chainring and a 50t cog. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or want even more details on these numbers, the reasons behind them, and how they've evolved over the years. As for the 3VO acronym, no big story there. It described things pretty well, and I thought it looked cool.

Two dropout sets are planned for the Psalm 150. Each tunes the suspension behavior and frame geometry for a different type of riding.

Trail Dropouts are 435mm, maximize maneuverability, create a 65° head tube angle, 77.7° seat tube angle, and low but not extreme 30mm bottom bracket drop.

Warp Speed Dropouts are 445mm for maximum stability at speed, create a 64.5° head tube angle, 76.8° seat tube angle, and super-aggressive, get-yourself-some-155mm-crank-arms 37mm bottom bracket drop for serious, locked-in, glued to the trail ass-hauling.

  • Ministry Cycles 3VO Suspension Leverage Ratio Chart

    Leverage Ratio

    When it comes to ride quality, nothing can touch a smooth, progressive leverage ratio. The 3VO system is optimized for coil spring shocks and high-volume air shocks. This progressive leverage ratio allows for instant initial reaction to small bumps and square edged impacts, even when climbing. True mid-range support means you can rail corners and hunt for fun on every little trail feature. Excellent bottom-out resistance means you can find your limits while keeping things under control.

  • Ministry Cycles 3VO Suspension Anti-Squat Chart


    High anti-squat counteracts the pedaling forces that cause a bike to bob up and down under power. To calculate anti-squat, designers have to choose a center-of-gravity point. The truth is nobody ever asks what number they used, so it's easy to claim all sorts of numbers. It's also easy to display really high anti-squat numbers if you measure with the chain in the smaller cogs and a with a small chainring. I use a center-of-gravity point 1150mm above the ground, and I measure in with a 32t chainring and a 50t cog, because that's a gear you'd actually use when climbing the worst climbs. Most importantly, 3VO is able to generate this high anti-squat while still keeping pedal kickback to a respectable minimum.

  • Ministry Cycles 3VO Suspension Anti-Rise Chart


    Anti-rise is all about balance: too much, and you begin to compromise sensitivity and traction; too little and your rear suspension extends under braking, pitching you forward. Here's the thing about anti-rise: any time you're descending while squeezing the brake, your weight is shifting forward, which causes your fork to dive, which causes your body to shift forward even more. I'm all about neutralizing anti-rise and helping keep your weight rearward and low. An anti-rise range with 100% near suspension sag point is the single best way to preserve geometry without compromising traction.

  • The Loam Wolf

    "Beyond the components, the Portal has a unique ability to spring forward with smaller amounts of power compared to other bikes. This quicker acceleration was due to the 3VO suspension design allowing the Portal’s suspension to stiffen up when weight was more forward on the bike . . . . The bike’s rear wheel stayed planted on climbs, with no shortage of power or efficiency. We found ourselves scratching up the steepest pitches, up and over rock gardens with a grin as the bike made difficult climbs not only possible, but fun. . . . . The combination of efficiency and active suspension meant we were constantly setting PRs, and raising the amount of fun we were able to have on certain rides where other bikes felt sluggish or slow."

    - Caleb Ely, Loam Wolf, Jamis Portal review 
  • BIKE

    "But what matters at the end of the day is if Currie’s hot new recipe makes a better bike.

    In Jamis’ case, yes, it does. The Portal pedals very well, with no lockout required, ever, and as claimed it was never overly concerned with how much sag I was running. . . . There was no annoying pedal feedback, and no noticeable brake jack."

    - Ryan Palmer, BIKE, Jamis Portal review 
  • Singletracks

    "The 3VO suspension platform provided a surprisingly firm platform and looking between my legs I couldn’t discern much movement from the shock. . . . The loose gravel and hardpack surface punctuated with roots and rocks at Paris Mountain demands active suspension to keep traction at the rear wheel, and the Portal delivers. Not only that, I found the 3VO setup provides excellent small bump sensitivity, lending the bike a floating feeling at low speeds."

    - Jeff Barber, Singletracks, Jamis Portal review 

Built for Invincibility

The Psalm 150 frame combines 7075-T6 aluminum, three types of aerospace bonding, and fasteners, because art is supposed to be timeless, and sometimes you need to huck art to flat.

There's a reason so many supercars and aerospace applications rely on bonding. Today's structural adhesives offer design and material advantages over welding. Each Psalm 150 frame is CNC machined of 7075-T6 aluminum. Stronger than 7005 and 6061 aluminums, 7075 can't be welded, but bonding it creates incredibly strong and light pieces.

Lap joints are a great way to join bonded parts. Giant lap joints are a really great way to join bonded parts. The design of the Psalm 150 includes full perimeter lap joints, creating a single, hollow form. This joining method alone is strong enough to withstand nearly anything, but we further reinforced the bond with huge contact zones, including 360° bonded seat tube sleeve and heavy duty head tube cups.

The 7075 aluminum swingarm combines a bonded brace and two 15mm pivot rods for strength, stiffness, and predictable handling in unpredictable conditions. Because we want these frames to last forever, interlocking contact points and strategic fasteners provide the final layer of reinforcement, creating a frame built to pass the most thorough lab tests and survive the most extreme trails.


    - 7075-T6 aluminum construction bonded with aerospace adhesive


    - Full perimeter lap joints


    - 360° sleeve joining bonds reinforce high stress areas


    - interlocking interior shapes for added bonded reinforcement and perfect alignment


    - bonded swingarm brace


    - 15mm suspension shafts and mechanical fasteners for additional strength


    - Modular dropouts for future changes


    - Modular, adjustable head tube with reach adjustment


    - SRAM UDH derailleur hanger, standard BSA 73mm threaded bottom bracket and room for up to 210mm dropper posts