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Donation - Help Create the Psalm 150 CNC Frame

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I used a little money I made licensing my suspension system to pay for all the initial engineering, tooling, samples, and testing. That got us this far and created the bike I am riding now, but more work needs to be done. To make a stronger frame that's still light, we need to re-engineer the CNC machined front triangle, retool, create new samples, and pay for more lab testing. The expenses have become more than I can cover myself. Your donation will be used to help cover the costs of this next round of development and testing needed to make these frames possible. Occasionally, I may also announce a community project on social media (like buying an inexpensive bike frame and sending it off for ISO4210 testing to see what happens) and donations can be made here to help make this projects happen.


The Psalm 150 doesn't just look different. It is different. The combination of consistent high anti-squat, a smooth, progressive leverage ratio, and steady anti-rise creates a bike that makes every climb easier, but lives for descents. Tech or flowy, up or down, the Psalm 150's 3VO suspension is here for it.  If the incredibly strong CNC machined and bonded 7075 frame looks amazing, it's because form really does follow function. Every line and shape here is purpose-built for a lifetime of legendary rides.


Anything I create must be able to exceed independent lab testing and ride testing, and be as close to perfect as possible. This is not easy, and creating the completely CNC machined frame is challenging. In addition to the completely CNC machined frame, I have begun planning welded front triangles that can be used with the CNC machined suspension system. If I can not create the original Psalm 150 CNC machined frame, I will dedicate all of my resources to creating these more affordable alternatives.


    • Rear Travel: 150mm
    • Recommended Fork: 160mm or 170mm
    • Wheel size: 29"
    • Bottom Bracket: 73mm BSA Threaded
    • Rear Hub Spacing: 12x148mm
    • Headset: IS 41/52 (10mm reach adjust)
    • Seat Post Diameter: 31.6mm
    • Seat Post Collar Size: 36.4mm
    • Derailleur Hanger: SRAM UDH
    • Minimum Rear Rotor Size: 180mm
    • Main Bearings: 8 x Enduro LLU Max 6902 (28x15x7mm)
    • Trunnion Bearings: 2 x Enduro LLU Max 6900 (22x10x6mm)
    • Recommended Fork Rake: 44mm
    • Recommended Fork Axle to Crown: 571mm
    • Shock Specifications: 205x60mm Trunnion
    • Recommended Crank Arm Length: 160-170mm


    Production frames will include a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects and lifetime crash replacement discounts on frames and components. Not necessarily shown in prototype photos but also included with each frame will be:

    • choice of rear shock (some shocks may require upcharge)
    • 148mm rear bolt-on axle
    • seatpost collar
    • SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger
    • 3D printed bolt-on cable ports
    • chainstay protector
    • ISCG05 mount
    • downtube guard and tailgate guard
    • internal cable silencer


    Only one "Medium/Large" frame size will be produced in the first production batch. Please see the geometry and fit recommendation chart, and feel free to contact me directly to discuss fit and determine if this initial frame size will work for you and your riding style. The frame offers adjustable reach and wheelbase so is ideally suited for riders 5'9"/175cm to 6'3"/191cm in height. If this frame is successfully brought to market, more sizes will be considered.


    If frames can be created, complete custom bike build options will be available as product availability allows. In addition to complete bike build options, parts packages are also available.



      Everyone's support for this project has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for the ideas and encouragement!